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Who We Support in Kenya*

Get to Know Us

* All names have been changed

Alice* (age 32)

Alice has 2 children. She reports to have had a difficult delivery in 2017, giving birth to a live baby 4.5kgs and sustained organ prolapse which was manually returned. In 2019 she developed a rectal prolapse which became painful and was accompanied by faecal incontinence and rector vaginal mass, which led to her having the colostomy so that the vagina can heal in order for her to have the reversal.

Beverley* (aged 20)

Beverley is a partial orphan. Her father married another woman and abandoned his daughter to her very old grandmother. Beverley developed a very complicated fistula both RVF and VVF due to prolonged obstructed labour. She was also unable to walk because of the same. This resulted in her colostomy.

Claire* (aged 45)

Claire has had a fistula for one and a half years, she has a latrogenic RVF which was very difficult and led to her colostomy.

Doreen* (age 47)

Doreen has had a latrogenic fistula for a year, it was a complicated RVF which led to the creation of the colostomy. She is waiting for a reversal.

Emma* (aged 35)

Emma is single and para 1. She has had an RVF for one year which resulted from an obstructed prolonged labour, which led to her colostomy. Emma is waiting for a reversal.

Fiona* (aged 52)

Fiona is a divorcee living with 4 children. She had an RVF for one year which resulted from cervical cancer. This has led to her being fitted with a colostomy and is waiting for the closure of the RVF.

Grace* (age 30)

Grace developed fistula because of prolonged obstructed labour, developing both complicated RVF and VVF. This led to a separation from her husband since he started mistreating her. She is the single parent of 3 children. Her colostomy is due to her complicated fistulas.

Helen* (age 51)

Helen has a fistula as a result of cancer of the cervix and has lived with the RVF for 2 years. Her RVF led to her colostomy.

India* (age 13)

India had a traumatic fistula for a year which led to her colostomy.

Jane* (age 26)

Jane developed RVF as a result of prolonged obstructed labour which led to her colostomy opening. She is currently waiting for a reversal.

Kim* (age 10)

Kim developed a fistula through an accident. She is the eldest of 3 children, and the house fell on her as she was playing with her siblings. This caused Kim a serious injury which left her unable to walk, and she developed an RVF which was complicated. This led to her colostomy.

Lynne* (age 46)

Lynne is a single mother of one. She had a complicated latrogenic fistula for one year, which resulted in her colostomy.

Mary* (age 32)

Mary is married with 8 children and has had a latrogenic fistula for one year. Mary had both VVF and RVf which were very complicated and led to her being fitted with a colostomy. She is waiting for the VVF to heal before it can be reversed.

Nora* (aged 57)

Nora is married with 12 children and has developed both VVF and RVF as a result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Since they were completed she has had to be fitted with a colostomy.

Octavia* (age 2)

Octavia has a congenital issue which led to her colostomy. Octavia was born with the problem, and the father had told her mother to throw her away. The father separated from the mother, who then decided to take her child to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital where she was referred to gynocare where the colostomy was fitted.

Penny* (age 50)

Penny is married with 3 children and developed latrogenic fistula as a result of cervical cancer. She is using a colostomy as she awaits RVF repair.

Rosie* (age 32)

Rosie is married with 2 children, and has lived with an RVF for one year. She the developed the fistula as a result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Rosie has a colostomy at the moment and is unable to carry out manual jobs to support herself.

Sarah* (age 15)

Sarah was born with a congenital fistula, and had her colostomy fitted when she was 10. 

Tammy* (age 21)

Tammy has had her colostomy for 10 years. 

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